Dubai is one of the most progressive and growing of the emirates in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and Wolfi’s Bike Shop in Dubai is keeping pace with the burgeoning cycling community. Wolfi opened his first cycling shop in Germany in 1987. In 2002 he set up his second bike shop in Dubai.

With more than 25 years of cycling retail experience behind him (and having been a enthusiastic cyclist since a young age,) within a very short period of time WBS Dubai established itself as the place to go for everybody who wants to know about bikes from children to adults.

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"Competent , knowledgeable staff, who are happy to explain differences and variances between bikes, you learn a lot talking to these guys in a few minutes. Recently hired a bike for a holiday in Dubai, and the service was excellent. The pre-hire check on the bike was thorough and i had never seen such a technical check carried out before on any bike."

− Michael N. | Wexford and Dublin Ireland

"Hi Wolfi and team,

We seriously miss our Friday rides with you! There are quite a few organised riding groups in Pretoria but nothing like the well-organised and enjoyable Dubai Friday rides. Miss the warm weather too!

Willem & Jaco Botes"

− Willem B. | South Africa

"Thank you for your help setting up my new aero-position and all your other help. Like always super service and very high quality of the work.

Wolfi you are running a great shop and have a very great team. Still think this is the best bike shop I have ever been in.

Looking forward to see next time I am in Dubai.

Best regards,

Flemming Christensen - Jeddah"

− Flemming C. | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"Hi Wolfi and team,

Just a short note to say thanks for the awesome service that we once again received when having our bikes serviced with you. We took the bikes for a test ride this morning when we were back in Muscat, and they are in tip top condition once again. The care with which you service our bikes is much appreciated. Please give our special thanks to the technical guys who actually worked on the bikes."

− C.A. | Sultanate of Oman

"It was time to get my son a new bike.

Awesome weather abounds for the next couple of months, and we have to encourage our kids to go outdoors much more!

So yesterday (Saturday) my son and I went in.

Wolfi attended us himself and my son got his dream bike!

Thank you Wolfi and the amazing team at the store.

Good to see it so busy, Dubai has got the right idea!!!"

− Joel D. | Dubai

"Called by the shop today having arrived in Dubai for the first time...

Great, experienced, and super friendly staff!

Looking forward to picking up my wheels tomorrow to join in the action...

Highly recommend a visit to the shop!

Cheers guys :)"

− Julie M. | Dubai

"The whole team here could not be more welcoming.

Wolfi himself was extremely knowledgable and helpful and we now have 2 new bikes.

It is certainly an investment, and not for the half-hearted but if you want to buy a bike in the UAE, then this shop is the best place to go.

Thank you again!"

− Kate T. | Dubai

"OMG, I've lived in Dubai 35 years and never knew Wolfi's existed. How can that be?

They are the most amazing bike shop I have ever been into.

All the staff are so friendly and super efficient!!!!"

− Sonya C. | Dubai

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