Power Meters

Power Meters: Which one is for you?

There is no one power meter that is perfect for everyone. Choosing the right one is imperative to make sure that it fits properly with your training needs. That is why there are a lot of them available in the market each with it’s own unique design catered to the different training regimens as per the athlete’s, cycling enthusiast or even the typical weekend warriors needs.

Power Meter Placement:

We at Wolfi’s believe that a strategically placed powermeter makes all the difference in the kind of training you embark on. That is why a powermeter which measures both left and right power output is what we subscribe to.

The unit replaces your existing crank spider and depending on the model is typically sold with specific crank arms attached.

Wolfi’s carries crank spider based powermeters from the following brands:

The newest type of power meter that was just recently launched is a clever new take on the crank-based power meter that puts all of the electronics inside the axle, which not only protects it, but keeps the rotational mass at the center.

But the location of the electronics is just part of the story. Rotor, which is known mostly for their ovalized chainrings, can show “different” power readings when those chainrings are used on standard spider-based power meters. This happens because the ovalized shape changes the zones of rotational speed at which you’re able to turn the pedals over by making it easier in your dead spots and harder in your power zones.

Wolfi’s carries crank spindle based powermeters from the following brand:

Contained within the pedals and the small pods that attach to them. It measures true left/right power at the pedal It uses the ANT+ standard – thus allowing you to pick and choose which head unit you want from any company that supports ANT+

Wolfi’s carries pedal based powermeters from the following brand:

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