Kids Bikes in Dubai

Encouraging your children to keep active and develop their coordination and balance is a great way to keep them healthy. And it is never too early to start! Children are great mimics. If they see that you have an active lifestyle with regular exercise, they will want to copy you as they get older.

Secondly, if you continually encourage them and engage with them, they will develop coordination and motor-skills quickly which can only help them as they grow.

We can offer you all the tools to help you spend more quality time with your children whilst at the same time growing their confidence and exposing them to new challenges as they grow up.

You can start them with a Walker bike. This innovative concept replaces a tricycle or the first bike with stabilizer wheels, as it does not have pedals and moves only as fast as your child will propel it. A great way for them to learn coordination, balance, and the joy of cycling, the SCOTT Voltage Walker is a great bike for developing balance before kids are able to pedal.

The next step would be one of the many Junior bikes we have to offer. Depending on the age and height of your children, there are a wide range of Junior bikes specifically designed by Scott to ensure the highest safety and comfort for your child. Scott also designs their bikes so that they have maximum adjustments possible to allow for the continued growth of your children.

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