Gravel Bike

Gravel Bike

Gravel bikes - the ultimate bicycle that can be ridden almost anywhere, on and off the road. Some of the gravel bike features include disc brakes, additional clearance for wider tires (to make for a more comfortable and versatile ride), and a geometry that lets these bikes adapt to everything from seasonal exploration to rough terrain. Are you not sure where the journey of the day will take you? Rest assured this is the bike that will take you there.

Scott Speedster Gravel 10

Whether you are looking to ride on the road or hop onto a path less traveled this gravel bike is well equipped for the adventure.

Scott Addict gravel 30

Our Scott Addict gravel bike ticks the boxes in any weather conditions and allows you to ride any road. The Syncros components on the lightweight HMF carbon frame with Shimano Hydraulic brakes will give you a great ride with a lot of versatility.

This is a bike that assures the most comfortable ride and broadens our options so much more. The gravel bikes give us the flexibility to hop on and off the road onto the gravel roads and explore whether it is planned or in the moment.

Santa Cruz Stigmata gravel bike

Whether you are looking to do an all-day adventure or an hour full-on effort Cyclocross tipe of ride the Stigmata gravel bike can accommodate you. This lightweight gravel bikes geometry, wide-ranging drivetrain, and 41mm tire clearance makes it the perfect all-round bicycle.