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Buying Shoes & Pedals can seem like quite an investment, but what a difference they make!

Once you have made the decision to upgrade to “clipless” pedals and some cycling shoes, you will be amazed at the immediate improvement to your cycling performance.

They work in a way very similar to ski bindings; there are 2 ‘hooks’ on the pedal, one of which is spring-loaded. The ‘cleats’ on the bottom of the shoe clip into the pedal and are held by the spring-loaded hook. To take your foot off the pedal, simply twist your foot and it will be released. (In the same way that if you fall when skiing, your skis come off the boots when you twist your feet) Luckily, you don’t have to fall off your bike to get your feet off the pedals!

There are two general types of shoes & pedals; road and mountain. There are a few basic differences between the two. Road shoes are usually very lightweight and also very stiff in the sole of the shoe. They are designed for best performance when pedalling; using a large cleat and without tread on the bottom of the shoe. Only to be used on the bike!

Mountain bike shoes are usually best for the recreational rider, and can even be used on good quality “spin” bikes. This type of shoe allows you to walk around if you need to as they use a smaller cleat that is recessed into the tread of the shoe. Don’t think this means that all mountain bike shoes are big and heavy, the top models are very much like their road cousins; carbon soled and very lightweight.

The main shoe brand carried in the shop is from Scott. Over the years Scott has used their knowledge of winter sports and accessories, along with their first-class manufacturing of carbon fibre, to produce some of the best cycling shoes in the world.

To match this quality, we only stock the best pedals from Look, Shimano, Time and Vista. There is sure to be a pedal and shoe combination that is ideal for you! If you are using them for the first time, ask to practice on our indoor trainer. You can see first-hand how to clip in and out and see how the pedals and shoes really feel.



One word come to mind whenever you put on a pair of Lake shoes....Quality. LAKE cycling started in 1982 and after 1 year in business they designed and produced the first mountain biking shoe. This was the beginning of a 25 year tradition of innovative designs. Lee A. Katz has been a leader in the cycling industry since 1965. In 1982, he founded LAKE . Since then he’s never looked back.

The heat moldable soles deliver a custom fit for outstanding power delivery and lake also offer a custom shoe option.


"No Shortcuts" defines the Scott Spirit of doing things the right way, for the right reasons.

This ethos is carried through every Scott branded product and the shoes are no exception, with high quality materials, design and innovation the Scott range of shoes offers something for every rider from your first road shoes to elite athletes like Sebastian Kienle.



Time is our pedal of choice at Wolfi's...TIME products gained fame in the early 1990s, after being debuted on the podium by Pedro Delgado in 1988, then multiple Tour de France winner Greg LeMond in his champion-style 1989 Tour de France victory which was followed by multiple Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain. They are always innovating and the current ranges they have offer great all round performance for all levels of cyclists, still a product of France with a very high quality all round finish.

The Xpresso pedal from Time offers one of the market best and easiest systems to click in and out of on the pedal market, making Time a great all round choice for any rider.

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