Whether you are a recreational biker, commuter, dedicated cyclist or triathlete the most difficult decision to make on any bike, new or old, is your choice of saddle.

Saddles are uniquely personal. This component of your bike is one you never think twice about when it is great, and is one you can’t avoid when it is not so great. No single component on your bike is more likely to cause you discomfort than your saddle.

Because saddles are so uniquely personal, for many years the best you could do was poll your friends, your mechanic, and your bike shop buddy, then cross your fingers and dive in for a (usually extended) session of trial and error.

The best of recommendations from a friend or a professional might get you a saddle that works well for them, but causes you pain. This is due to the unique variations in body topology and bio-mechanics from one rider to the next.

Most riders go through 10 or 12 saddles to find one they can really ride well, and then hang on to that saddle almost superstitiously throught the next 25 years of bike changes.

At Wolfi’s Bike Shop, we carry the very best saddles we are able to find. We are working with Saddles from Selle Italia, Prologo ,Profile Design, Syncros, INFINITY and from ISM.Learn more about the setup of  ISM Saddles on your Road Bike or TT Bike. Our experience allows us to pick brands and models, whether old favorites, or cutting edge designs, which work well for a wide range of riders.

We also have partnered with the German bio-mechanics laboratory Gebiomized, who have designed a system to find and eliminate the hot spots of pressure in your contact with your saddle that equal pain in your ride. This system works regardless of brand of saddle, and many large companies producing saddles or cycling shorts are using the same system to help design their products.

Using the Gebiomized system, we are able to fine tune your saddle position to the ideal on your existing saddle, or help you select the best available saddle for your body and your riding style with real time, while you ride pressure feedback. We can even produce a fully custom saddle built for you.

That means that we can usually eliminate that painful trial and error period, and we can get you out on on your bike in the best possible position as quickly as is possible anywhere. No more guesswork. We are putting the science of bio-mechanics to work for you.

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