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Choosing the right Indoor Bike Trainer for you:

Bicycling in the UAE has picked up exponentially in the past several years. A lot of people now getting into the sport either for general fitness or serious competition. In the fast paced hectic Dubai lifestyle, somehow one can barely find time to cycle and train. One great solution for this dilemma is investing in an indoor trainer.

Having an indoor trainer gives you the freedom to train within the confines of your home where there are no weather or other road obstacles that may prevent you from training.

How to pick the right trainer for you:

In order for you to pick the right type of indoor trainer suited for your needs and environment, you need to know what type of trainers are available out there in the market. We have here at Wolfi’s Bike Shop an extensive line-up of indoor trainers that will suit your every training needs.

Types of Indoor Trainers available at Wolfi's:

Each type of indoor trainer carries it’s own benefits depending on the type of training one decides to embark on.

Different Kinds of Trainers:

Fluid: There is a liquid substance inside the trainer (commonly used is silicon) This type of trainer offers progressive resistance as you pedal faster. Fluid trainers have become a popular choice with because it simulates actual road-like feel, power and accurate ride (flats, hills, sprints, etc.). This is ideal for someone who has limited and needs the operation of trainer to be as silent as possible.

  Simulates a more road-like feel than do wind or magnetic trainers. Multiple ride options require no adjustments. Quiet to use. Perfect for small flats where privacy is a must.

  Typically more pricier than magnetic trainers. With heavy usage, they get hot which has a tendency to shorten their lifespan.

Wolfi's carry fluid resistance trainers from the following brands:

Magnetic: Uses a magnetic flywheel to create fixed resistance, your pedalling does not get harder as your cadence increases. You can either shift gears on your bike or use the adjustment settings on the trainer if you want to increase resistance. Some use spring-loaded magnets to help create progressive resistance.

Relatively quiet and inexpensive. Resistance can be adjusted to simulate easy roads, hills or intervals; some have adjust-on-the-fly capabilities using a remote control.

Resistance settings may be manually adjusted; basic models require you to dismount the bike to adjust the settings.

Wolfi’s carry magnetic resistance trainers from the following brands:

Interactive Trainers - interactive features offer the ultimate training experience. Imagine pedalling up Jebel Hafeet while monitoring your heart-rate and pedalling power. These trainers—typically fluid, magnetic or flywheel models—feature Bluetooth and/or ANT+ compatibility so you capture and share workout data (power output, heart rate, cadence, etc.) to your mobile device or computer. You’ll pay more for this feature, but it could give you a motivation you need to train regularly.

Wolfi’s carry interactive magnetic resistance trainers from the following brands:

Direct-Drive Turbo Trainers - you remove your back wheel completely, and fix the back folks directly to the trainer itself. While an established mechanism of providing resistance, direct-drive trainers are relatively uncommon with only limited options available.

Direct-drive trainers are significantly quieter than traditional trainers, and because you are driving the resistance unit directly with your chain rather than via your back tyre, they are more efficient (no energy is lost by tyre slippage, deformation etc).

You need to remove your back wheel, which while relatively simple with quick release mechanisms.

Wolfi’s carry direct drive turbo trainers from the following brands:

Rollers: is a more challenging endeavour as one must balance one’s bike atop 3 cylinders—2 on the back wheel, 1 on the front—while at the same time pedalling. Mostly for pro riders and serious enthusiasts.

Works your pedal stroke better than other trainers; realistically simulates the road riding experience.

Requires good balance and a smooth pedalling cadence to use comfortably. Inexperienced riders could fall off until getting the hang of it.

Wolfi’s carry rollers from the following brand:

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